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29 August 2010 @ 10:32 pm
Title: A Stormy War on Matsujun's Birthday
Pairing: Matsumiya, Juntoshi, Sakumoto, Junba, (Probably in that order, but really at has a little bit of every Jun pairing)
Rating: Pretty much G 
Summary: It's Jun's birthday, but what has he walked into when he comes into the Arashi greenroom?
Disclaimer: I don't own nothin. Except plot I guess.
A/N:YES! IT'S STILL THE 29th IN MY TIME ZONE!! SO I CALL THIS ON TIME (^.^) Kinda crack-filled.

Jun sighed and ran his fingers deftly through his dark hair. He cradled the giant pink bouquet of flowers the Natsuniji staff kindly gave him for his birthday in his right arm and used the other to open the door to Arashi's greenroom.

"Yo~" He greeted as he put the arrangement of carnations and chrysanthemums down on the table.

"Ah happy birthday Jun-kun." Sho said casually as he turned the page on his newspaper.

"HAI HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATSUJUN~! :D" Aiba exclaimed happily with a giant grin on his face.

"Another year older ne Jun-pon?" Nino chimed in as he pressed buttons on his light blue gaming console leisurely.

"27 ne? Well Do your best this year too." Ohno commented as he looked on Nino's game with slight intrigue.

"Hai thank you everyone~" Jun smiled and sat on the couch with the Ohmiya pair. "Ne Nino, you know Takeuchi-chan was the one who personally chose and gave me the flowers."
Jun smirked and looked at the gamer, his smirk wiped off his face as the gamer had a wide up-turned grin on his face, the birthday boy couldn't tell wether it was a smirk or a smile. He felt the atmosphere tense around him, Sho put down his newspaper and Aiba pouted and crossed his arms, the two both glaring at Nino. Even Ohno sighed and threw a long side glance at the gamer. All the while, Nino's lips formed an absolute smirk.

"See I told you, Matsumiya is certainly the best." He said in a very self-satisfied tone. Jun opened his mouth to speak, but was quickly cut off by a certain newscaster.

"No no, you got it all wrong it's still all about the Sakumoto." Sho said as he stood up from his armchair.

"Oh that's not right Sho-chan, Junba is certainly the best, I mean really, we're like a rare treat!" Aiba interjected into the debate.

"I could've sworn it would've been Juntoshi..." Ohno sighed from his space on the couch.

"W-wait-" Jun tried to make some sense from this sudden commotion.

"Oh no Sho-san it was never all about Sakumoto in the first place!" Nino raised his voice to get his point across.

"Oh yeah?! Well it's not like Matsumiya has been popular forever! The hype just started with the whole Beautiful Days kiss right?!" Sho counters.

"Sho-chan like you're one to talk! Sakumoto fans are just begging you guys to hug!!" Aiba cuts in just as loud.

"Junba fans don't even say anything because there are NEXT TO NONE!" Sho and Nino enunciate the last three words harshly.

"Juntoshi fans don't need to beg because we," Ohno points his thumbs to himself cockily, "have the most fanservice. Well, second to Ohmiya of course."

"Well Sakuraiba and Juntoshi are debatable for second place in fanservice." Nino nodded in agreement, gesturing to said Sakuraiba pair, who shrugged and nodded their heads in response.

"Oi oi oi!" Jun finally had the nerve, and time, to speak up. "What is happening?! What has gotten into you all?! Speaking all this fan nonsense!" Then one of their managers came in, bowing his head slightly as he stepped in.

"Matsumoto-san if I can explain, the other members of Arashi are just arguing over which romantic pairing is the best with you. This is also a way of deciding which member will *cough* go home with you. You see, beforehand...."

"I guess we'll send me over to Matsujun's room tonight." Ohno stated out-of-the-blue in the greenroom that day.

"Eh?! Why you Ridda?" Sho asked, surprised.

"Well obviously since he initiates the most fanservice towards me." Ohno said a matter-a-factly, to the annoyance of Nino and Sho.

"What does that have to do with anything?! Jun-pon and I love messing around with each other too!" Nino asked, clearly annoyed.

"Yeah and heck, he used to have a Japan-sized crush on me!" Sho threw in his two cents.

"Me and Matsujun work well because Jun loves Arashi almost as much as I do." Aiba nodded his head as if agreeing with his own statement.

"Psh. How lame." Nino scowled.

"Don't be so mean Nino, it's not like Matsumiya has too much to back it up!" Aiba pouted.

"Eh? So Aiba has read into the fandom stuff too?" Sho asked incredulously.

"So have I." Ohno raised his hand with a serious expression.

"Ok ok, Jun-kun should be coming back soon, let's settle it this way, the first person Jun talks to directly, is the pairing that wins okay?" Nino explained his little contest.

"Hm sounds fair." Ohno quickly agreed.

"Directly. So that means greetings don't count!" Sho added some guidelines.

"And thank you's! When we wish him happy birthday, Matsujun will probably say thank to all of us, that doesn't count either." Aiba also chimed in.

"Okay we all agree now right?" Nino said, hoping that the game would win in his favor because really, this could be risky. The other three members of Arashi all expressed their agreement. The next minute, the clunk of shoes sounded down the hallway as well as the rustle of tissue paper and flowers.

"Ah!" They all exclaimed. They jumped to where they hoped were normal places for them, Sho going to read the paper, Aiba dawdling around flipping through a recent magazine, and Ohno and Nino taking their usual seats on the couch, Nino taking the DS out of his pocket to give them something to look at.

"....(o.O)....." Jun got up and quietly backed away towards the door. The other four members were bickering, even Ohno raising his voice some.

"YOU! STAY PUT!!" The four simultaneously turned and pointed at the youngest member, who obediently sat down on the couch again. He could almost see the comical sweat drop dropping from his managers head as he took his time to leave.

"Damn, I made a bet with Ninomiya-san on Juntoshi too." The manager sighed under his breath.

As is life in Arashiland......
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22 August 2010 @ 07:42 pm
 This is a post to my collaboration fic with arashijun  , titled Walking in Circles. These are parts 1-4.
It is going to be Sakumoto with loads of friendship!?Matsumiya and friendship!Sakuraiba.

chapter 1~

chapter 2~

chapter 3~

chapter 4~ (posted w/ ch.3)

13 August 2010 @ 05:29 pm
Title: A Shining Promise
Pairing: Matsumiya
Rating: Bad words so no kiddies allowed~
Summary: Inspired by mirei_22 's translation of Refrain. Jun and Nino are inseparable friends who met on a cold day in New York. Seasons pass and their love grows but when Jun refuses to admit it, Nino slowly slips away as he tries to push his love to say the words in time.
Disclaimer: I do not own the song, or the boys, or New York or anything except the plot.
A/N:Okay I started off well but when it came down to it, I just really wanted to get it done. Haha as always, I started off with an idea but the plot slowly curved and veered it's way into... whatever this is.

There they stood, two men facing each other, the rain pounding hard against their sides. The tears on their faces disguised by the raindrops that were carried by the wind, colliding into their features bitterly. The raw emotions in their hearts mixing together in a painful swirl that neither men were sure they could bear any longer. Yet still no one said anything, no one spoke to break the silence, each second making the guilt and regret grow in the men's chest. But still, no one could utter a single world, the only sound was the deafening pitter patter of rain and the silence of two hearts breaking as one.
"Jun, I'm marrying her."

Jun's laughter quickly halted, the reason for the laughter long forgotten. Jun was staring at Nino, disbelief in his eyes despite the smile frozen on his face.


Nino looked at Jun with analyzing eyes.

"I'm proposing to her tomorrow."

Nino's clearly voiced out words cut through Jun like a knife invisibly slashing through the younger man's chest. The look in Nino's eyes said it all, he didn't love her, and he would stop it all, the proposal, the relationship, if Jun said something. If the younger man said anything that indicated disapproval, any sign that the younger would finally express his feelings for the man in front of him.

But to Nino's calmly hidden frustration and disappointment, Jun just averted his eyes and said a quiet "Congrats." The two had a mutual understanding of each others feelings, Jun knew Nino was willing to drop everything for him, and Nino knew Jun was just as in love with him as he was of the younger. But there was always something holding the two back, restraining them for so long until Nino started dating, and Jun could never say anything, and without the younger saying anything, Nino would never push the matter.

Nino's eyes turned downcast as well and Jun's heart clenched as a small flash of deep sorrow shown on the man's face. Nino scooted his chair back without giving the younger man a glance and turned around to walk out of the high-end restaurant. Jun bit his lip as he felt his heart yearn to reach out to his love's back, anything to stop his long-time friend from leaving. It wasn't fair, it was like his friend was leaving with much more than a full stomach of high-class cuisine, he was leaving with so much more. Yet Jun couldn't stop him, no, Nino gave him the chances, Jun wouldn't stop him. Jun's lip drew a drop of blood as the man bit down harder to suppress the tears that threatened to overflow.

Jun didn't remember how he got to his apartment, nor did he care. All he knew was that it involved a lot of heartache and depressing thoughts that racked the young man's brain even as he collapsed on his familiar bed.
He waited too long. No, it was bound to happen. Jun could never say anything about his feelings. Jun embraced and gripped his silk pillow desperately, tears dampening the smooth fabric. He could never say the words that longed to leave his mouth, the sweet nothings he yearned to whisper. Jun drew a ragged breath and closed his eyes tightly as he could only think about the past.

Jun and Nino were friends, long-time friends that were never without the other's company. They'd meet daily, either to have a short meaningless talk or even spending the whole day together, ranting and babbling about whatever happened to be on the young men's minds at the time.

Jun cracked a smile smile though his tears as he thought of those moments they spent just wasting time together.

In autumn when the two would watch the multi-colored leaves fall from the sturdy wooden bench at the park. They're coat-covered shoulders barely touching, relaxed and calm expressions on their faces. Jun tried to look interested in the leaves but he couldn't ignore the warm tingly feeling that he was getting where his and Nino's shoulders made the smallest amount of contact.

In the summer where they would walk on the beach's walking bridge in their stylish clothes. Jun would joke about how Nino chose those clunky shoes even though they were going to the beach. Nino would huff and shoot off a snarky comeback and then complain that it was hot. Jun would steal sidelong glances at the older often and smile as the two gazed at the sun shining above the ocean-accented horizon.

In the cold winter which always seemed to be the season of broken hearts for the two men, starting from the snowy day the two met. Jun was just walking on the sidewalk, just leaving a friend's Christmas party with a smile on his face and great memories in his mind, when he bumped into someone running at a fast pace. The collision had enough impact to make Jun loose his footing for an instant but he quickly regained his footing to apologize to the latter, it was Christmas after all and the normally DoS man was in a merrier mood than normal.

"Ah I'm sorry.." Jun flashed a smile at the perpetrator's general direction but his smile fell as he looked at the man in front of him. The shorter man looked up in surprise, his eyes red and slightly puffed, the traces of tears sparkled slightly in the light of the lamppost.

"Oh I'm very sorry." The young man wiped his eyes with his sleeve swiftly and began to walk away at a fast pace. Jun, on any other day, would have completely let the stranger go, but he couldn't shake off his curiosity about why someone like that would be crying and running away on Christmas day?

"W-wait!" Jun called out after a split-second decision. The stranger stopped and Jun jogged to close the distance between them. "Uhm are you okay? Why were you crying? I mean... it's Christmas and your supposed to be all merry and stuff..." Jun rambled.

"Yeah well you try to be merry when your boyfriend dumps you on your jolly ass holiday." The stranger sneered, but Jun could see the tears threatening to fall from the male's eyes. Jun blinked, he was never good at dealing with relationship problems. Great, the only time he decides to help a stranger and it's about some guy's boyfriend.

"Well you deserve better than an ass who dumps you on Christmas. You, uh, you deserve better than that." Jun knew it sounded cliche but that's what you're supposed to say when you comfort someone who had a recent break-up right? "I'm Jun Matsumoto by the way."

"Ninomiya Kazunari. Nino for short. Yeah thanks for your sympathy." Jun didn't like his tone of voice. The shorter man began walking away again but Jun grabbed his forearm earning a wince and a sudden intake of breath from the shorter man.

"Oh crap, sorry are you hurt or something?!" Jun panicked slightly. Nino rolled up the sleeve of his red plaid shirt and his eyes flashed with recognition as a cut, about 3 in long, graced his lithe forearm. Nino cursed when he saw that it was beginning to bleed. Jun's eyes were wide-open with surprise. "H-hey we have to treat that! Come on my apartment is just around the corner." Jun gestured for Nino to follow him. The shorter man hesitantly began to follow him.

"You're not going to lead me into an alleyway and try to rape me or something right?" Nino asked snarkily, though he couldn't deny that he wanted the question answered.

"Of course not! What an indecent thing to do on Christmas." Jun exclaimed as he and Nino entered a decent brick apartment building. They made it up towards the 5th floor, where Jun's apartment was located. " Don't steal anything~" Jun warned blandly. Nino walked in and stood quietly in the living room, tilting his arm as a weak attempt to not get any blood on Jun's wool carpet. Jun came out of the hallway with a bandage roll and after a small argument and stare-down, gave it to Nino tend to his own wound.

Jun managed a ragged chuckle at the show of his friend's blatant, independent personality. Jun got up from his bed and turned on the tv, anything to get some noise in the background. Jun sighed as he remembered more of his precious moments with his friend, a certain promise pushing forward in his brain.

"Oh shit a blackout!!" Nino cursed.

The two were hanging out at Nino's house, playing a heated game of Mario Kart when clicks were heard and darkness suddenly fell on them.

"Noooo and I was just about to knock Yoshi out of 1st place!!" Nino cried as he shook his tv screen. This is when Nino realized his friend's lack of reaction. "Princess~ Are you okay over there?" Again there was no response from Jun. Nino strained his eyes and tried to focus them on the figure on his orange couch.

"Princess?" Nino got up and slowly made his way past his glass coffee table towards his unresponsive friend. As the gamer got closer, he could gradually make out Jun's trembling frame.

"Jun?" Nino was starting to get worried. He stopped at what he felt to be the edge of the couch and hesitantly put a hand on his friend's silhouette. Suddenly Jun stood up and wrapped his arms around Nino's neck, his body shaking violently.

"Dark. It's.. it's dark." Jun choked out. Nino's eyes were wide with surprise as he slowly lifted his lithe arms to pat his friend's back.

"It's okay. See, I'm here..." Nino consoled awkwardly, not knowing how comforting the words were to the younger man. Nino kept muttering comforting phrases as his friend's shaking lessened and lessened. Nino's legs were cramping and his back was killing the New Yorker, but he just bit his lip and endured in fear that just moving would disturb the younger man in his embrace. Jun slumped forward a little and Nino had to take a step back and slowly lowered both of the men's bodies down onto Nino's cold hardwood floor. Nino looked down at the man in his arms and watched how the moonlight shone off the younger man's bold features in a cliche manner.

"Sorry." Jun mumbled as he curled up a little. Nino smiled wryly and stroked Jun's hair softly.

"I promise, if there's a blackout, I'll be running over to you as fast as I can." Jun lowered his head, letting his bangs fall in a helpless attempt to cover up the young man's blush. Nino laughed at his friend's sudden shyness and added in a bratty tone, "Because of course we wouldn't want the Princess to hurt herself over something as trivial like this."

"Yeah, you're my knight in shining armor Kazu." Jun replied as he made a show of rolling his eyes. The two laughed good-naturedly and slept surrounded by each other's warmth.

Nino smiled wryly as he looked out of the yellow taxi's window, he too remembered his promise fondly. The night where Nino realized that he loved Jun. After that Nino stayed true to his promise, immediately rushing to the younger man's house when word of a power outage ever came his way. Nino would always barge in, using the key Jun gave him, and quickly located his friend, before swiftly embracing the younger man's shaking frame. Nino's heart dropped in his chest as he remembered the way he hurt his love back at the restaurant.

He had to. It was his way of forcing his friend to say something, to admit his feelings for him. Nino himself couldn't do it, he just, he just couldn't. He needed Jun to be able to admit it first.
The wedding was uneventful, everything going to the bride's wishes. A small wedding with only a few close friends. An elegant cake and she even got a groom's cake in the shape of a DS, the brand "Nintendomiya" iced on, causing Nino to smile and chuckle slightly, but a close onlooker may see the deep sadness that was buried in his deep brown eyes.

Jun attended as Nino's best man, but the only things he remembered were his strong-willed attempts to not brake into tears or make eye contact with anyone, especially the bride and the groom.

Jun broke down that day, not even in the security of his house, but at a club, a club that Jun doesn't even remember the name of. He cried in his crossed arms, not even caring how exposed he was. Just another drunk at the bar is what onlookers would see, not knowing his heart ache, the pain he's been going through as his love was probably with her.

Jun didn't even remember the name of the man that he shared his bed with that night.

They were both breaking, falling apart at the seams. They haven't seen each other in weeks.

Each day Nino's life was an act, pretending he was happy with his nice wife, acting like he was a normal husband. Every minute he focused on his acting, thinking about his next move, how he should smile, when should he laugh, how to make everything he did more sincere. It's been too long, his acts and lies were becoming routine. He was getting worried. He was forgetting how to act sincere, the only thing that reminds him of his real feelings is the memory of Jun's face, and little by little, the details of the man's bold features were blurring, being forgotten.

Nino was scared.

Every day a little part of Jun was dying, going to clubs, sleeping with women he only remembered by clothes, sharing his bed with men he remembered even less. Drinking until he passes out and dreams about passing seasons with Nino. The peaceful times when the two would just hang out, words didn't need to be spoken between the two. But when it mattered Jun just couldn't say it in time, couldn't admit his feelings when the two needed those words the most.

Jun was regretful.

"Oh look honey! There's a power outage on the other side of the city!" Nino almost dropped the plate in his hand.

"Where?!" Nino urgently popped into the living room where she was.

"Hmm around... around where the park is!! The park that has all those trees and the old-styled benches you like." Nino's eyes widened as he quickly ran towards the front door to put his shoes on.

"N-Nino?" she asked surprised at her husband's sudden reaction.

"I'm going out." He replied bluntly.

"But-" Nino looked up briefly from tying his shoes, effectively cutting his wife off. She saw a look in his eyes she's never seen before, even if they were only married for 2 months. Even during the time they were dating, he never looked so determined, a scary unwavering flame in his deep brown eyes.

"Shit shit shit shit." Nino cursed repetitively as he haphazardly pulled out of park, narrowly missing his neighbor's car. He drove fast, swerving and dodging skillfully but not too fast as to avoid police attention. He looked at his watch, beads of sweat crowning his forehead. He was 3-4 blocks away from Jun's apartment. It was about 5-10 minutes in to the blackout.

"Oh screw it!!" Things were taking too long, Nino pulled over and got out and ran, ran as fast as his legs would take him in the crowds of busy people. The wind screaming by his ears, he ran into the dark apartment building and made his way to his friend's room, his fingers trembling as they searched for his old keys in his pockets. Sure enough, he pulled them out, stubby hands still shaking as he put the key in the lock and turned, swiftly barging into the apartment, a wave of nostalgia hitting him as his body remembered doing this many times ago.

As Nino's eyes grew accustomed to the dark he saw the outline of beer bottles on the wooden coffee table, but his eyes flew past them as more important matters were racking his mind.

Living room no.

Kitchen no.

Nino's footsteps resounded loudly as his shoes hit the wooden floors of the hallway. He opened the door to Jun's bedroom once he felt the familiar doorknob, his heart beating loudly.

How many minutes has it been?

Jun's trembling frame was sitting up on the bed, quiet sobs being heard coming from the young man.

He won't come for you, he has a family now.

You're alone.

The dark is going to eat you up.

Nino lunged and embraced the man tightly. Jun didn't resist but his sobs turned more violent. Nino didn't realize that he himself was on the verge of tears until wet drops trailed down his face. The embrace was warm, needy, but in contrast to the happiness, the knowing that it won't last and the deep regret that the two felt just broke their hearts. So they tightened their grip on each other and cried, sobs and tears wetting clothes and bodies racking with the release of all the emotions going on.

Somewhere in the midst their lips found each other's, needy kisses tasting salty and wet. Their hearts were beating fast, but even as they held onto each other, it hurt. It was painful.
Nino kept his promise, the one thing still shining in their relationship. But that day, not even just that day, the years, the years where the two refrained from telling each other, when Nino would try to push it out of Jun, and Jun trying his best to ignore it and left unspoken words behind, those years will stay the same, nothing will change the fact that Nino was married and had a nice bride and that the two could never really be together.

Because they couldn't be honest that day...

A/N: Yeah haha I don't even.... yeah so there you go. Oh! I got my copy of Boku no Mitieru Fuukei the other day. Haha I was totally blasting it in the car (^.^) I'm so happy that Jun pointed out the Matsumiya harmony in Refrain because without it I swear I wouldn't have noticed (>.<)
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03 August 2010 @ 11:15 pm

TWEET #scenery TODAY!!!
21 July 2010 @ 09:13 pm
Title: Hard Decisions in Zombieland
Pairing: Ohmiya, Matsumiya if you squint~
Genre: Even though it's for a birthday, it's kinda angsty. Slight gore and not-so-nice words.
Summary: Zombies. In a world full of the undead, there's no time to hesitate. 5 friends cursed with immunity to the apocalyptic disease.
Disclaimer:I do not own Arashi, or anything else in this fic aside from the plot. But yes I love Zombieland, TWINKIES!!!! But seriously nothing but the plot is mine.

A/N: For the best co-author in the world's birthday! (Sorry for those who were mistaken, but this is a ONE-SHOT)

HAPPY (belated)  BIRTHDAY [info]arashijun 

The 5 men were scattered around the warehouse, each one anxious, tense, ready to spring into action. Each one equiped with a weapon of their choice.

"Come on guys let's keep talking. It's the only thing that will keep us sane around here." Nino groaned from his position on the floor. Jun looked up from cleaning his shotgun for the ump-teenth time. Aiba and Sho stopped what they were doing, as well as Ohno.

"Well what should we talk about?" Jun asked a bit harshly. Nino sighed as he saw how futile his attempts were. Sho and AIba rolled their eyes and Ohno just went back to looking sleepy.

"I need some fresh air." Ohno mumbled as he got up from lying on the floor. He took his two handguns and began to walk toward their make-shift entrance made of sliding pieces of thin scrap metal they found around. Nino got up as well to accompany the man.
It all started with just Nino. When the infection hit his area he did what was natural to every gaming addict, he went and got his emergency firearms, consisting of two handguns and a shotgun, and packed them into a black carry-on bag. He took his trusty metal baseball bat and he hid. Oh he hid in his house for days, surviving off some chips and other snacks from his pantry. He analyzed the victims' movements. How slow they were, how they 'hunt', and most importantly, what are there weaknesses. After about 3 days, he was ready. He went out of the house, a handgun in both hands.Carefully shooting at zombies, he made his way across the street toward the neighbors' Hummer, this would be his main transportation. His own car was flipped over on it's hood close to the sidewalk. When he was finally was in the car he sighed. His parents were probably long gone. His friends were probably a lost cause too. He gripped the steering wheel with both hands letting his head fall between his outstretched arms. He looked up slightly and froze, in the mirror he saw a victim of the infection, a zombie basically. At the same time the zombie lunged for Nino, while Nino quickly jumped up, on the dashboard of the car, effectively kicking the zombie away with his legs and finally reaching for his handgun and shooting the zombie effectively in the neck. The zombie died and fell onto the back seats. Nino was hyperventilating, his body pumping with adrenaline as he opened the door of the Hummer and threw the zombie out. He got back in the van and tried to calm down. He saw the infected's face.

It was his neighbor. Jenna.

The neighbor who Nino brought cookies as a housewarming present when her family moved in.

And Nino just shot her in the neck.

Nino shook his head of those thoughts. She was infected. She already lost control of body and mind. The disease, the infection that has been going around, Nino didn't even bother to remember it's name anymore. But that disease was turning everyone into mindless zombies, horrible gaming cliches. Nino shuddered as he remembered that day when he met with the doctors to get the so-called 'vaccine' for the newly escaped virus. Everyone was blood tested first so that to insure that the people receiving the vaccine wouldn't 'react' to the dormant form of the disease that would be injected into everyone's bloodstream. He remembered his parents and him waiting in line forever, and him playing his DS in line to help kill some time. He remembered his family getting the shot, his parents feeling extremely sick after, while Nino felt just fine and dandy, if not a little annoyed by having a needle poked in his skin. After the shot the nurse gave him a yellow sticker, telling him that he needed come back for a check-up right then and there. His parents were slightly confused as to why, but quickly drove to their house in the city anyways. Nino himself lived in the suburbs, a good hour away from where the hospital was located.

"Uhm is there something wrong with me?" Nino asked the nurse hesitantly.

"Oh no no, the doctors just wanted to re-check somethings from your blood work." The nurse answered with a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes. Nino nodded skeptically and entered the white waiting room he was lead into. Inside the waiting room were 4 other men, each around Nino's age he guessed.

"Ah. H-hello." Nino greeted quietly when he entered the room. He bowed his head awkwardly and took a seat in the armchair, suddenly feeling a little self-conscious. He momentarily thought of the DS in his pocket, but that thought quickly left him as he remembered that it blacked out not too long beforehand.He surveyed the typical waiting room and saw the men with stickers identical to his own, only with different colors as in red,purple,green and blue. Feeling absolutely bored and awkward in the tense silence that engulfed between the 5 men, Nino opened his mouth to speak.

Only to be interrupted by the man sitting in the armchair across from him.

"I-I'm terribly sorry but I have to inform you on what this is all about." The man said as he stood up. He was wearing a white scientist coat and glasses. "I'm Sakurai Sho a researcher involved in the experiment where the virus originated." He dug in his pocket and showed us his business card. He showed it to the 4 other men and his voice lowered.
"There has been a outbreak, as you all know. But this disease is far more lethal than the media let's on. It's hard to believe but this disease, it's .... it's turning people into mindless things! Like zombies from a bad horror movie!! The virus it, it mutates the brain cells in a way that researchers have never seen before!" Sho explained in a hush tone, his hands moving to help him in his explanation.

"Oh lord..." A man on the couch whispered. Nino looked over and couldn't help but see the clunky rings on the man's fingers. The man next to him had his hand cover his mouth in a small gasp. That man had brown hair. The man next to the brunette had a round face and was looking at Sho with a serious expression.

"Well then why are we here? Why are you telling us this?" Nino said skeptically. This didn't seem like information the government would want random 26-year olds to know. Unless they were going to eradicate them, then the information given wouldn't matter. Nino's instinct quickly perked up as he tried to think of his escape options. His dad was an army veteran and always taught his son to be alert, not knowing how hand this would be in the future.

"We're all here for a reason. Our blood, something about our blood," Sho looked over his shoulders real quick in fear of being overheard, "Our blood makes us immune to the disease. Naturally immune. They're double checking the blood work right now. Please, in case anything happens, can we exchange addresses or contact information? This is serious stuff! And in a XK-class end-of-the-world scenario..." Sho cleared his throat as he noticed his choice of wording might cause some panic. "I mean if anything serious happens, we need to be able to find each other."

"But what could happen Sakurai-san? What do you mean end-of-the-word whatever?! Is everyone going to be infected?!" The brunette on the couch started to raise his voice at the researcher.

"Shhh shh!!!" Sho tried to calm the man down. "Look, the vaccine should be able keep the virus at bay. We're not sure but,"

"But in case of a zombie invasion we need to be able to find as many survivors as possible." Nino and the man with the clunky rings interrupted at the same time. Nino stared at the man while the man diverted his eyes in embarrassment. Nino cleared his throat and got up to introduce himself.

"Ninomiya Kazunari nice to meet you all. You guys can call me Nino though. " Nino said politely.

"Well I guess it's best to introduce ourselves in a situation like this. I'm Ohno Satoshi." The chubby cheeked man stood up and introduced himself. The whole room was a tad surprised as this was the first time the man let on that he was even listening to their conversation.

"Well then I'm Aiba Masaki!!" The brunette introduced himself with a bright smile.

"Matsumoto Jun." The man with the rings said bluntly. Sho smiled at the men's reactions to his shocking news. They were taking it far better than the scientist had originally hoped. Sho took out a notepad and took off five pieces of paper.

"I think it's safe to say we should at least be able to exchange phone numbers right?" Sho said good-naturedly as he wrote down his cellphone number on each of the papers, passing it around with a smile. Everyone wrote down their numbers, others more hesitant, some open and willing. Sho smiled in satisfaction and the 5 men started talking. It was awkward at first, with Aiba trying his best to break the tension, but soon the 5 men were laughing and warming up to each other. From laughing at lame puns or perverted jokes to scolding Ohno for his fishing obsession. Then a doctor came in to talk to Sho, a stern expression plastered on his face. Sho excused himself from the group of men and talked to the doctor, stealing worried glances at the group frequently. Then Sho came to back to talk to the 4 men a serious look on his face. Aiba,Nino,Jun, and Ohno stood up and asked what was happening.

"Our blood tests were all positive for immunization. They want to experiment on you, I'm going to try to help you escape." Sho whispered through gritted teeth as he pointed behind him toward a pair of big grey doors. "I need one of you to punch me."

"Eh?!" Aiba yelled loudly.

"Please I understand your concern. Don't worry it's safe." Sho said louder for his superiors to hear him. "Punch me and run. Run towards the hospital exit and once you're out you get into your car and you drive. Drive home, you'll be safe, the hospital wouldn't dare send chase on you all." He gestured to the grey door again in complete contradiction from the words coming out of his mouth.

"But Sho we can't-"

"Prepare yourself." Jun whispered bluntly. He nodded over at Nino, who gave an annoyed expression in return but looked Sho in the eye and punched him squarely in the stomach. Sho doubled over as Nino began his sprint towards the exit. Jun started to run as well, dragging Ohno and Aiba along with him. The four men ran quickly to the lobby of the hospital, flying down the stairs with minimum casualties. The four ran out the lobby doors, being stared at by onlookers.

"See you!"




The four men ran to there cars and drove away, following Sho's orders to a T. Nino got into his decent sized car and immediately grabbed his cellphone. He took out a piece of paper from his pocket and dialed the number swiftly. It rung exactly three times before answering.



"Oh, Nino! Calling so soon?"

"Don't you give me that! What was that all about earlier?! You nodded at me to punch Sho!" Nino yelled into his phone angrily.

"Well you certainly knew what the nod meant."

"That's not the point! What's with you? To delicate to punch someone?"

"No! What if I hurt my wrist or something? It's much easier having you doing the hard work~" Nino growled into the phone and hung up. His phone vibrated, a new message arrived. Nino opened the mail, expecting it to be a snarky message from Jun but when he opened it he was pleasantly surprised and he smiled happily at the phone.

Hi it's Ohno~
We should talk more!
And stay in touch we the others too.
And that's exactly what the 5 men did, Nino added to his little flashback. They texted and called often, finding out Sho was going to be okay and wasn't blamed for the escape. The researcher informed the men that they were going to send people again in 2 months, not immediately because the vaccine seemed to have kept the virus contained. Nino chuckled bitterly at the thought. The dormant virus in the mass-spread vaccine was somehow activated within a month of the incident. Nino sighed as he vaguely went through what happened a couple days after the total infestation.
Nino drove his neighbor's yellow Hummer toward Sho's house, after exchanging addresses and calling each other at the first signs of the virus awakening, it was decided everyone would try to meet at his house since his address was pretty much in the middle of all their houses. Nino pulled up into the driveway, impressed at Sho's choice of house security were rows of intensely bright lights. The infected weren't very fond of light, rarely going out in daylight. He passed the lights and knocked on Sho's door.

"Ah Nino's here!" He heard Aiba say as footsteps ran to open the door. Nino was greeted with the sight of Sho and a slightly disheveled Aiba. He followed the two upstairs into a sort of sitting room. Sho's house wasn't really messy, but it wasn't super clean as NIno had first imagined it to be. In the sitting room were three couches facing each other with a glass coffee table in the middle. Ohno and Jun were there and Nino took a seat with Ohno on the far left couch. The two smiled happily and greeted each other, while with Nino and Jun, Nino just piped up 

"Hi Jun-pon!" And then Jun scowled
. --------------------------------------
Nino went and walked with Ohno, falling into step with the older man. Nino sighed again when he thought of what was after that. The infected somehow evolved and some of them were able to get past Sho's security lights, that and about half of the bulbs ran out.
"Surprisingly, I never even thought of them running out!" Sho exclaimed as the 5 men were gathering their belongings and running toward their vehicles, while shooting the little number of zombies that made it into the house.

"And you call me the idiot!!" Aiba was yelling back at him as they drove away.

"It's okay follow me I prepared a warehouse in case the house was infiltrated!" Sho cried back from his Mercedes Benz.
And here they were, in a warehouse, tired from being alert all the time. At least Sho had the decency to stock the place with food and water. Nino wasn't surprised if Ohno needed some air. Ohno was a mystery to Nino, the chubby-cheeked man always seemed to be spacing out but at the same time it was like Ohno thought more into the conversation than even Nino himself. During the time the two have bung out together, Nino had been gradually feeling more comfortable around Ohno, even snuggling with the older man on frequent occasion.

"What are you thinking about?" Ohno asked suddenly, taking Nino by surprise.

"Oh just thinking about stuff. Nothing important." Nino reassured the older man with a smile. See? There he goes surprising Nino again with his quiet observant nature. It was a little frustrating how Nino could never tell what Ohno was thinking at times. Was it something simple like fishing or something deeper, more emotional? Then Nino did something stupid, he started running. It was a slow jog at first but then he just started sprinting. It was clearing Nino's mind effectively. He could tell Ohno was running after him, but Nino just couldn't stop and by the time he did it was already too late. It was twilight, the infected were already coming, luckily Nino ran into only a small group of them, but that was enough to freak the hell out of the young man.

"Wah!" He yelled as he was all of a sudden face-to-face with an infected's disgusting rotting face. Instinctively he pulled out his gun and shot, making the infected drop to the floor.

"Nino you idiot!" Ohno yelled in almost harsh tone. What the heck was the younger man thinking? Running off like that at twilight?! Ohno shot at the surrounding infected until there was only one left in front of him and that one made him stop. Nino was busy with his own set of infected when he heard Ohno stop shooting.

"Ohno what are you doing?!" Nino yelled, looking back at his friend. Ohno was shaking a lot and the infected was getting a lot closer, good thing it was only one all the others were going for Nino. Nino was shooting while backing up till he met the trembling back of his friend.

"Ohno shoot! What the hell?!!" Nino yelled angrily as he shot the infected that were all around him and Ohno, the numbers of infected were lessening and the two could make a run for it if Ohno could get a grip.

"But it's... it's... oh my god it's.." The infected was getting closer to Ohno and the older man's fingers were still trembling over the trigger. "I mean it's him it's... I can't it's.." Nino was getting really frustrated now.

"Ohno just shoot!"

"But I can't-"

"OHNO JUST SHOOT!!" And that's what Ohno did. The infected in front of him dropped to the ground and Nino acted fast, grabbing Ohno's hand and running like hell toward the warehouse, only stopping when they were in the warehouses safety perimeters inside the electric fence and the gate firmly closed behind them. Nino looked at his friend, he was slumped on his knees, shaking, eyes wide open.

"Ohno?" No response. Nino crouched down next to the older man. "Oh-chan?" Ohno reached out and embraced Nino suddenly. Nino sat still as the older man sobbed and cried into his neck. After getting over the initial shock Nino rubbed the older man's back, not sure exactly what to do. "It's okay. It's okay. Shh you can tell me about it." Nino whispered, trying to help the older man even when his heart was beating uncomfortably fast in his chest. Ohno sobbed into his neck a little more and then he wrapped his arms around Nino's neck for a more comfortable position.

"I knew that person. He.. he was like a brother to me. His name was Toma." Ohno started trembling again and Nino rubbed soothing circles on the older man's back again. Ohno took a deep breath and started explaining again. "He was my role model. He was a nice guy you know?" He didn't ... he didn't do anything to deserve this!."

"No one did Oh-chan. No one did anything to deserve this."

"But then I killed him Nino. I killed him. Pulled the trigger and.." Ohno stopped talking and more tears fell down the older man's face silently. Nino took Ohno by the shoulders and pushed him away to look him in the eyes.

"You didn't kill him Ohno. The disease did. It already took him over.That thing, it wasn't Toma. " Nino looked into his friend's puffy eyes with a stern look. Ohno just stared. Nino was right. That thing wasn't Toma. It wasn't. And then Ohno did something selfish to make him feel better, he grabbed a fistful of Nino's shirt and locked lips with the younger man. Nino was in shock as Ohno's lips started moving against his own, and was only vaguely aware that his were starting to move as well. Ohno's lips tasted salty from the tears the older man recently shed. Nino's lips were slightly chapped, reminding Ohno of what a hard worker the younger man was, how hard Nino must have been trying when he was practically dragging Ohno toward the warehouse. The two parted, both breathing hard, wondering if the other could hear how fast their heart was beating.

"So here you two are!!" Nino bristled at the sound of the younger man's voice. Nino turned around to see three tired looking men come from the entrance gate.

"Jun? Sho? Aiba?" Ohno questioned when he got up from his provocative position with Nino, dusting off his clothes as if this was a usual thing.

"What were you all doing outside?" Nino asked,still slightly flustered at the sudden interruption.

"We were looking for you!" Aiba announced cheerfully. "You two didn't come back and it was getting close to twilight so we were worried!"

"Sheesh you two, we were out there battling infected, calling out for you." Sho ran his hand through his disheveled hair as he scolded them. The 3 men were going inside the warehouse when Jun suddenly stopped and turned back to smirk at the two.

"We do all that work to only find you two here locking lips~" Jun quickly jogged inside while Nino jumped up to yell at him.

"You just stood by and watched?! Wah, you, you perverts!!" Nino stomped his foot on the ground and quickly went to chase Jun just for mocking him.
A/N: arashijun requested zombies and Ohmiya and all of a sudden... this. Well thanks for reading, I'll always reply to comments no matter how late they are! I love comments they make me feel so special~

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Title: Walking In Circles
Rating: PG-13 (So is everything I write lol)
Author: arashijun  & greentea287  
Chapter: prologue + 1/15
Pairing: None yet
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 612 + 1,258
Disclamer: We own the plot. JE owns Arashi. And now Arashi is going to own my wallet. If I/we did own Arashi, things would be different.
Summary: If things went down hill and dropped you in a place you didn't want to and couldn't handle, how would you live with it. If your family disowned you for the stupidest reason and made it so you were kicked out of school leaving you with only the job the you got thanks to your best friend how would you live? What if the only person that could come close to knowing what you felt was someone you couldn't dare be seen with?

A/N: Hai hai!! Please read my first collab fic with arashijun  ~!!!

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 I finished watching Ryusei no Kizuna recently and decided to watch Maou too while I'm at it.

I just watched the last episode of Maou.

Yes, I just finished crying.
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Day 02 : Your favorite biggest mystery in Arashi fandom. (Nino being forever young, Jun's penis, why Sho will fail at 100% all the time...)

Hmms. Maybe how they always seem to be able to cover Aiba's birthmark.... Seriously! You know how long it took me to find out that he even had a birthmark?!

Oh! And I always wonder if Arashi really understands how popular they are worldwide. Or if they ever got those projects that we sent to show them.

Haha I think I know what I'm gonna post for tomorrow. Don't get too excited, it's not 100% nude of course.
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Day 01 : The things you want to do with/to your favorite member and/or all of them.

I wanna snuggle on a chair with Nino (*o*) Ever since I had a dream with this happening I've been really curious as to what it would feel like in real life.

But really, seeing them in person would be enough for me (^.^)
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I don't know why my mind took me so long to dream of Arashi but this is the first time Arashi has appeared in my dreams. Anyways I had to post this or I'll forget the dream (>.<) Sorry if I'm spamming anyones friend's page and that it's not a fanfiction.

Okay so when I fell asleep I was super tired and I expected no dreams because when I’m super tired I usually just black out. Then I started dreaming about these Japanese guys who I dunno, are in a club or something and needed help. Anyways they were good guys so Arashi came to help them! …. Ya random right?

Anyways so they were researching something at a library, (I was just watching from a table or something) and then POOF! Arashi comes in with flashes of light I assumed to be paparazzi. Naturally as a fangirl I have a reaction, I stared and gasped and stared some more. They were in their Monster outfits and hairstyles (why? I mean they always look good but I’ve never particularly liked them in that Pv) So as a biased fangirl, I stare at Nino. And he smirks at me. HE SMIRKS AT ME!!!! And then I think I blush or look astonished and then all of a sudden he’s sitting on a chair in the library and I’m sitting in his lap. SITTING ON NINOMIYA KAZUNARI’S LAP!!!! And he’s holding me and talking normally and making jokes with the other members, I remember vaguely seeing Aiba taking his black jacket off and he was all sweaty. A hawt sweaty of course. Anyways I’m just looking forward, away from the boys (….that’s pretty dumb) but I remember them talking in Japanese so I couldn’t really understand them but I could hear all their distinct laughs, especially Nino’s because I was like right next to his chest. (*Faints*) Anyways so when I was staring I was processing that I was on my ichiban’s lap. I pictured how many girls would kill to be where I was (I would kill too) and then I thought hey, might as well make the best of it. I probably realized it might have been a dream then. So I closed my eyes and snuggled up onto Nino’s chest and smiled and felt warm.

So then Arashi and those other boys (Who are they? Are they like my minds automatic OCs?) and me of course, we hop into a van and take a trip somewhere. I think it was part of helping those other Japanese boys. Anyways we’d be in the van and Aiba would say funny stories or something while Sho laughed and slapped him when necessary. (On the shoulder people! My dreams arent that naughty…) And we’d always stop by a rest place and then Nino and I would snuggle some more… aaaah it was paradise.

And then after more snuggles I woke up.

At exactly 5:55

Coincidence with the 5 members of Arashi?

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